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Achieve the Roaring 20’s Look with 20s Costumes!

Achieve the Roaring 20’s Look with 20s Costumes

The style of the twenties influenced an array of 20s costumes, particularly the gangsters zoot suits – often times known as the “Roaring 20’s”. Although, this period of history was jumbled up with adjustment and tension, the 20s fashion has no doubt served as the force behind the popular 20s costumes till this present day.

How Did the 20s Costume Become Popular?
The United States handed down regulations and laws banning alcohol in 1920, which was known as the “Prohibition Act”. This Act did everything, except stop the distribution of alcohol. Booze runners and moonshiners achieved a lot of recognition among the citizens, and gangsters with large alcohol supply businesses grew to become renowned glamorous style symbols of the 20’s era...

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