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20s Outfit for Men

Choosing a 20s outfit to wear for Halloween might seem stressful for some men.

Some have a hint of what they want to wear but don’t know the exact type that will fit them. For men who like to throw it back as far as the 1920s or like vintage outfits, this article is for you. For women who know the taste of their partners and how to surprise them with a nice outfit, this article is highly recommended for you.

Some of these outfits can be made by yourself, some you just have to buy in the store.

The following costumes are outfits men can wear for Halloween.

Charlie Chaplin Costume

A comic actor and composer, Charlie is considered to be one of the important personalities in the movie industry. He was a very prominent figure in the 20s.

Do you want to have that funny cla...

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1920s Fashion – You Want to Do It Yourself?

1920's Fashion

1920’s Fashion

It’s easier to go online and buy your 1920s fashion clothing items. It’s also more affordable and convenient since you don’t have to move an inch from your comfort zone. However, if you feel like doing something on your own to get more creative with your flapper dress, we have some good tips for you right here.

About the Flapper Fashion

Flapper fashion can be traced back to the 1920s. Subsequently, it breaks with the early 1900s conservative Victorian styles. The mention of flapper dressing will bring back some notable fashion items to mind – the beads and the Charleston, including the feathers. Right now, the beads and feathered headbands are returning to the fashion scene for various purposes – prom, vintage wedding and Halloween.

Here are steps to adopt;

Step #1...

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20s Costumes Tips and Tricks to Dress like a Flapper Girl

20s Costumes Tips and Tricks to Dress like a Flapper Girl
In the roaring 1920s, it was trendy to be a flapper – a disposition where the female folks did not stick to some of the strict expectations that the society had on women. Flappers in the 20s were women who loved to embrace “in the now fads and styles”, and the society often saw their behaviors in the public as inappropriate as well.  Continue reading to find tips for 20s costumes to mimic a flapper girl.
Tip #1: Familiarize Yourself with the Characteristics of a Flapper Girl
As described earlier, a flapper girl is a young female, particularly one that lived in the 20s, who frowned seriously at conventional dress styles, clothing and attitude, in reference to the 1920s. The post first world war ushered in the flapper attire...

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Achieve the Roaring 20’s Look with 20s Costumes!

Achieve the Roaring 20’s Look with 20s Costumes

The style of the twenties influenced an array of 20s costumes, particularly the gangsters zoot suits – often times known as the “Roaring 20’s”. Although, this period of history was jumbled up with adjustment and tension, the 20s fashion has no doubt served as the force behind the popular 20s costumes till this present day.

How Did the 20s Costume Become Popular?
The United States handed down regulations and laws banning alcohol in 1920, which was known as the “Prohibition Act”. This Act did everything, except stop the distribution of alcohol. Booze runners and moonshiners achieved a lot of recognition among the citizens, and gangsters with large alcohol supply businesses grew to become renowned glamorous style symbols of the 20’s era...

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