1920s Fashion – You Want to Do It Yourself?

1920's Fashion

1920’s Fashion

It’s easier to go online and buy your 1920s fashion clothing items. It’s also more affordable and convenient since you don’t have to move an inch from your comfort zone. However, if you feel like doing something on your own to get more creative with your flapper dress, we have some good tips for you right here.

About the Flapper Fashion

Flapper fashion can be traced back to the 1920s. Subsequently, it breaks with the early 1900s conservative Victorian styles. The mention of flapper dressing will bring back some notable fashion items to mind – the beads and the Charleston, including the feathers. Right now, the beads and feathered headbands are returning to the fashion scene for various purposes – prom, vintage wedding and Halloween.

Here are steps to adopt;

Step #1: Get a Polyester or Satin Slip

Start by getting a polyester or satin slip. You can head to a second-hand or lingerie store to get any of these materials. A good trick for highlighting a flapper style is to go for a rounded neck.

Tip #2: Start Sewing

Get your needle and thread ready and start sewing a fringe onto the edge of the dress, along the hem at the base. Integrate an additional row of fringe that will end 3”above the initial one – make the second row’s tassels to droop over the top of the first fringe. Make sure the fringe stays straight by using the tape measure.

Tip #3: Attach a Ribbon

Ribbon is an important feature of the 1920s fashion. Get a matching ribbon and sew it over the top of the fringe edging’s last row. You should sew it over the bias. A ribbon measuring 4 to 6 inches long will be suitable for this purpose.

Complete your 1920s fashion dress by gluing a plastic flower over the ribbon.