20s Costumes Tips and Tricks to Dress like a Flapper Girl

20s Costumes Tips and Tricks to Dress like a Flapper Girl
In the roaring 1920s, it was trendy to be a flapper – a disposition where the female folks did not stick to some of the strict expectations that the society had on women. Flappers in the 20s were women who loved to embrace “in the now fads and styles”, and the society often saw their behaviors in the public as inappropriate as well.  Continue reading to find tips for 20s costumes to mimic a flapper girl.
Tip #1: Familiarize Yourself with the Characteristics of a Flapper Girl
As described earlier, a flapper girl is a young female, particularly one that lived in the 20s, who frowned seriously at conventional dress styles, clothing and attitude, in reference to the 1920s. The post first world war ushered in the flapper attire. This was the period that the female folks got fade up with trying to dance to the tunes of societal dictates of ‘normal’. It was this period that women started to gain freedom to cast votes.
The major characteristics of the flapper girls included smoking, drinking, wearing heavy makeup, dancing, and addiction to movies. In addition, virtually all the 20s flapper girls wore bobbed hair, dated every now and then, and refused to wear their corsets again, all in the attempt to defy the 1910’s social norms.
So, if you have decided you still want to imitate the flapper girl with your 20s costumes, check out the subsequent tips to achieve this attire.
Tip #2: Read about the Popular Flappers
This is a great way to generate ideas on how to ensemble your flapper costume. In this case, you are better off researching some famous women such as;
·    Clara Bow – Actress in Film It
·    Anita Loos – The writer of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
·    Josephine Baker – Featured in the Folies Bergere
·    Louise Brooks – Featured in Pandora’s Box movie
·    Zelda Fitzgerald – F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wife
Tip #4: Dressing like a Flapper
The dress style of flappers was quite distinctive that you can’t mistake it in the 1920s. Explore online decade clothing and costumes for typical flapper girl clothes. You can also check your local vintage stores and thrift stores, or even a specialist vintage retailer to collect the 20s flapper girl clothing items and accessories.
Here are things to lookout for when shopping for flapper clothing items;
·    Dropped waistlines – this is super-essential in achieving a flapper style
·    Plunging backs and necklines
·    Sleeveless 20s dresses
·    Beaded materials
·    Flowery material
·    Sequined material
In addition, when you wear your pair of stockings, have them rolled down directly below or above your knee, and complement the entire attire with chains worn around your neck. Go for stockings that have embroidered icons.
Shoulder-length long satin gloves were also the staples that complemented the flapper girl look back in the 20s.
Other 20s costumes and clothing items for a flapper girl look include feathered hats, peek-a-boo hats, cloche hats, feathered headbands and other feathered accessories, knee-length skirts, raccoon coats and knitted sweaters.