20s Outfit for Men

Choosing a 20s outfit to wear for Halloween might seem stressful for some men.

Some have a hint of what they want to wear but don’t know the exact type that will fit them. For men who like to throw it back as far as the 1920s or like vintage outfits, this article is for you. For women who know the taste of their partners and how to surprise them with a nice outfit, this article is highly recommended for you.

Some of these outfits can be made by yourself, some you just have to buy in the store.

The following costumes are outfits men can wear for Halloween.

Charlie Chaplin Costume

A comic actor and composer, Charlie is considered to be one of the important personalities in the movie industry. He was a very prominent figure in the 20s.

Do you want to have that funny classic look when you arrive at a party, Charlie’s costume will fit you.

The outfit includes gray trousers, a white shirt, a black waistcoat, and a black hat.

You can perfect this look by using a fake mustache and holding a walking stick.

20s white costume

The main outfit men wore back in the 20s was a suit. You can throw it back to this 20s white suit.  The dress includes a white jacket, white pants, a white shirt, and a tie. All eyes will be on you when you arrive at the party in this awesome costume.

Vintage sailor Costume for men

Are you a man full of adventure? Do you like anything relating to the sea? Or do you love stories relating to pirates or naval warfare? This vintage outfit will not only fit you, but it will bring back that nostalgic vibes from the past.

Men’s Vintage Umpire Costume

This outfit used to be worn by baseball umpires back then. It is a very rare outfit a man can wear for Halloween. Any man can wear this outfit but it’s highly recommended for men who are baseball fans. Don’t forget to hang your whistle around your neck.

Gangsters 20s Costume for men

The 1920s were full of gangsters, almost every state had one. In most cases, they all have the same type of outfit which is made up of a Jacket, trousers, scarf, and a tie.  If you want to bring back this look for Halloween this is the costume to wear. To add a little sauce to it, you can put on a black gangster hat and hold a fake Gun.

Vintage Baseball Costume for Men

Although you might not be able to bring back the good old years of 1920s baseball, you can make people reminisce about it by dressing up in this baseball player’s costume. Remind people of baseball legends like Babe Ruth and co. This costume is recommended for men who love baseball and are full of energy.

News vintage Costume

Back then information was gotten from the daily newspaper. One of the ways to get this newspaper was through the help of News person.

To pay homage to one of the most important people of that period, this costume was the perfect one to wear. You must hang your newspaper bag around your neck.